Shade Tree Commission


Our Mission

The Whitpain Township Shade Tree Commission (STC) is charged with overseeing and enhancing trees in Whitpain Township including individual specimens and forested areas on Township property. In addition, the Commission shall be an advocate for all trees throughout Whitpain Township. 

The Commission’s responsibilities include looking after the care and health of all trees on Township property and rights-of-way while promoting opportunities to expand and enhance the Township’s valuable tree canopy and natural resources. The Commission’s responsibilities include the protection and management of our trees and woodland resources by promoting arboriculture education, tree planting and management throughout the Township.

The Commission will look after the woodlands and canopy cover within the Township due to the valuable ecosystem services that healthy woodlands provide. In addition the Commission will look for opportunities to restore, expand and enhance the value of our woodland resources for the benefit of our community.

The Commission conducts programs that increase the awareness of the values of trees and woodland communities and provides information on tree species and the proper care of trees and woodland areas.

As part of their responsibilities The Shade Tree Commission maintains a registry of Township Trees of Significance based on age, unique species, size and character. The STC also maintains a Woodland Map that identifies forested areas and potential public lands for reforestation.

Tree City USA

Whitpain Township has been designated as a Tree City USA community by the National Arbor Day Foundation since 1994. This is a national recognition for communities that effectively manage their public tree resources. Since 1999, the Township has annually received the Foundation's Growth Award, which is the next level of recognition that Tree City USA communities can achieve. In 2009, after earning the Growth Award for ten consecutive years, Whitpain was recognized by the Arbor Day Foundation as a Sterling Community, its highest level of recognition. Only a handful of other Pennsylvania communities have ever earned this distinction.

Street Tree Program

Street Trees provide many ecological and aesthetic services which benefits our Whitpain Township community. Shading our streets and creating a harmonious landscape are among the greatest benefits that increase the value of our properties and sense of community pride. For these and many many more reasons the Shade Tree Commission has created the Whitpain Township Street Tree Program to promote the establishment of new street trees which will benefit our community for generation to come and increase property values. Please click here for application.

Native Tree Give Away

Each year the Shade Tree Commission offers an Arbor Day Tree Give Away to promote the planting of trees throughout the Whitpain Community. Sign up for the Whitpain WIRE to be informed about the Arbor Day Tree Give Away. To learn more visit the Township website  and the Shade Tree Commission portal.

Heritage Tree Registry

Grand old trees found throughout Whitpain Township define the history and character of our unique and special community. For these reasons the Whitpain Township Shade Tree Commission (STC) seeks to recognize these important members of our community by recording them in the Whitpain Township Tree Registry. Township residences should submit potential tree candidates for the Tree Registry by completing the Historic and Significant Tree Registry Form. The Whitpain Township STC will review each application to be recognized as a Historic or Significant Tree in Whitpain Township.

Turnpike Reforestation and Planting

The STC is leading the charge in working with the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission to replant and reforest portions of the Turnpike corridor in Whitpain Township including relocating fence lines to allow better plantings and reduce the fence visibility. The STC has had the broad support of Township officials and representatives at all levels. Once approved plans are completed fund raising will be a critical part of accomplishing this goal.

Shade Tree Commission Members

  • S. Edgar David – Chairman
  •  Mark Eberle - Vice Chair
  • Andrew P. Meehan
  • Vince Marrocco
  • John Casani
  • Nilza Lozada - Alternate #1
  • Timothy Knowles - Alternate #2

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