Leaf Collection

2022 Leaf Collection Guidelines and Dates

The Township is divided into two zones for leaf and yard waste collection. Residents living south of Skippack Pike will have their leaf and yard waste collected on Tuesdays and those living north of Skippack Pike will have their collection on Wednesdays. Please click here for map of the two collection areas.

Residents who live on Skippack Pike will have the same schedule noted above. If you live on the south side of Skippack Pike collection will occur on Tuesdays and if you live on the north side collection will occur on Wednesdays.

The collection dates for the remainder of the year are:


Tuesday, January 25th & Wednesday, January 26th 


Tuesday, February 22nd & Wednesday, February 23rd 


Tuesday, March 22nd & Wednesday, March 23rd 


Tuesday, April 12th & Wednesday, April 13th 

Tuesday, April 26th & Wednesday, April 27th 


Tuesday, May 24th & Wednesday, May 25th


Tuesday, June 28th  & Wednesday, June 29th 


Tuesday, July 26th & Wednesday, July 27th 


Tuesday, August 23rd  & Wednesday, August 24th 


Tuesday, September 27th & Wednesday, September 28th 


Tuesday, October 11th & Wednesday, October 12th 

 Tuesday, October 25th & Wednesday, October 26th 


Tuesday, November 8th & Wednesday, November 9th 

 Tuesday, November 22nd  & Wednesday, November 23rd  


Tuesday, December 13th & Wednesday, December 14th 

 Tuesday, December 27th & Wednesday, December 28th 

If your pickup is missed, you must call the Township the day of collection at 610-277-2400. This program is not available to private communities.

Biodegradable Bags

Leaves must be placed in biodegradable paper bags and put out at the curb the evening before the scheduled collection date to ensure they will be picked up. Bags should not weigh more than 40 pounds and should not contain trash or other waste. The Township no longer sells leaf bags, but they can be purchased at local supermarkets, hardware stores, wholesale stores, and a variety of other stores. Do not place bagged leaf and branch trimmings in plastic bags. They will not be collected. 

All leaves and branch trimmings are recycled, not landfilled.

What is Leaf Waste?

Leaf waste includes leaves, shrubbery and minor tree trimmings in biodegradable paper bags or containers, bundled shrubs or plants, excluding dirt, under four (4') feet in length and tied tree branches under three (3") inches in diameter and under four (4") feet in length. Grass clippings are excluded.


View Tree Trimming Operations (PDF).