Earned Income Tax

An Earned Income Tax of 1% on gross earnings and net profits from businesses is paid by everyone living or working in the Township.

The tax is split evenly with the Wissahickon School District. Berkheimer collects the earned income tax. Berkheimer can be reached at 610-279-7500.

Your PSD

Your Political Subdivision (PSD) code is of extreme importance when withholding, preparing and filing your earned income taxes (EIT). Why? Without an accurate PSD, a code that identifies you with the town where you live, your hard-earned tax dollars may not benefit Whitpain Township. Please be sure that your employer and your tax preparer have the accurate PSD for Whitpain Township.

The PSD for Whitpain Township is 462203

The PSD will become even more critical in 2010 since Pennsylvania recently passed a law that changes the way the EIT is collected and distributed by employers, municipalities and school districts. Taxpayers working in Pennsylvania will be required to submit a Residency Certification Form to their employer listing the PSD. Employers will provide the forms.


Berkheimer continues to serve as Whitpain's EIT collector. Starting in 2012, Berkheimer began serving as the sole EIT collector in Montgomery County. As a result, we expect significant improvements in customer service as well as EIT collection from around Montgomery County.

The new law can be confusing, particularly for employers. However, the law also requires that employers make certain changes with how much money they withhold from employee's paychecks, and where and when they remit the tax. If you have any questions or concerns on the changes, you can visit the Berkheimer website.