Open Space EIT Referendum FAQ’s


Why does the Township need more money for open space? 

The Township’s last tax increase occurred well over a decade ago as part of the 2010 budget. Since then, several key properties have been acquired by the Township exclusively or in partnership with key stakeholders.  Most notably, Mermaid Park (63.5 acres) was acquired in 2020 for $8.177M. The Cheston Property off Lewis Lane was acquired in 2018 in cooperation with Wissahickon Trails and Montgomery County.  In addition to these purchases, the Township has been continually improving other parks and trails.

When was the last tax increase?  

Whitpain Township has kept real estate taxes steady since 2010. The real estate tax millage is not impacted by an increase in the Earned Income Tax rate.  The current earned income tax rate of 1% is split equally between the township and the Wissahickon School District (0.5% to the township and 0.5% to the school district).

How can I be sure the money will be used specifically for open space?

Pennsylvania’s Open Space Lands Act mandates that any money raised from an increased local earned income tax must be spent for open space purposes. 

I’m a senior citizen on a fixed income, how will this affect me?

If approved, the ballot question would adjust the earned income tax by 0.06%.  Therefore, seniors living on a fixed income with no earned income would not be impacted. 

What does a 0.06% increase to the earned income tax mean for the average resident? 

According to 2019 census data, Whitpain’s average per capita income is $67,515.  This means the typical resident would pay $40 per year which would be used specifically for open space.  

I’m an independent voter and usually don’t vote in the primary.  Am I able to vote on the ballot initiative?

Yes, if you are a registered voter you can vote on the ballot question during this year’s primary election regardless of party affiliation. 

I’m not registered to vote, how do I sign-up? 

The last day to register to vote in the 2022 Primary Election is Monday, May 2, 2022. Please visit Montgomery County Voter Services to learn more: https://www.montcopa.org/753/Voter-Services