Why Is This Needed?

The Township’s last tax increase occurred well over a decade ago as part of the 2010 budget.

  • Since then, several key properties have been acquired by the Township exclusively or in partnership with key stakeholders.

  • Most notably, Mermaid Park (63.5 acres) was acquired in 2020 for $8.177M.

  • The Cheston Property off Lewis Lane was acquired in 2018 in cooperation with Wissahickon Trails and Montgomery County.

  • In addition to these purchases, the Township has been continually improving other parks & trails.

    • In partnership with youth sports organizations, restrooms were built at Centre Square Park and Stony Creek Sports Park.

    • Improvements at Erbs Mill Park are nearing completion.

    • Crossways Trail from Penllyn Woods to MCCC (2014) & MCCC to Wentz Run Park (2019).

    • Planned improvements and the reopening of Wissahickon Park coming in the future.

    • Artificial turf fields at Centre Square Park.

    • Union Meeting Road Trail.

    • Narcissa Road Trail in cooperation with Whitpain Township & Wings Field connecting Prophecy Creek Park to Stenton Ave and sidewalk trails (2011).

    • Conversion of soccer fields to baseball fields at Wentz Run Park.

    • Wentz Run Trail from Wentz Run Park to Henkels & McCoy (2015).

    • Centre Square Park walking trail (2016).

    • Improvements to softball fields at Wentz Run Park.