Zoning Hearing Board


The Board’s meeting schedule can be found on the Township calendar.


Agendas are available prior to meetings. 

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The Board has five members, each appointed by the Board of Supervisors:

  • Kyle Speece - Chair
  • Kent Conway - Vice Chair
  • Marie Golson - Secretary
  • Dana DiSandro
  • Amy McAndrew

Responsibilities & Purpose

The Zoning Hearing Board helps ensure the fair and equitable application of the Township’s zoning ordinances by hearing appeals to the zoning officer’s decisions. The Board is quasi-judicial. It can not make or modify zoning policy, enact or amend zoning ordinances, nor can it create or change zoning designations.

Appeals to the Zoning Hearing Board require the filing of a Zoning Hearing Board application (PDF). This application along with the required supporting documents must be filed no later than the third Tuesday of the month preceding the month that is requested for a hearing. The filing fees for the hearing are noted on the instructions and must be paid at the time of application. Upon conclusion of a zoning hearing, the Zoning Hearing Board has 45 days in which to make their decision, however some cases may require many months of hearings before the conclusion of the case and the vote of the board.

The Board schedules hearings for submitted applications of appeals. During the hearing, evidence is submitted. A written decision is subsequently issued based upon the facts presented and interpretation of applicable laws.