Real Estate Tax

The Board of Supervisors approves the real estate millage for the Township as part of the annual budget. The 2022 millage is:

  • 2.09 mills for General Purpose
  • 0.66 mills for Debt Service
  • 0.40 mills for Fire Protection
  • 0.05 mills for Fire Hydrant (if applicable. Levied if a house is located within 780 feet of a fire hydrant)

The Township is one of three entities that levies real estate taxes. The Wissahickon School District and Montgomery County establish their own real estate tax rates.

Low Taxes

Even though the other entities have approved substantial increases over the past several years and Whitpain has not, the Township still maintains the fifth lowest local tax rate in the county.

Whitpain business owners and shoppers also benefit from not paying business privilege taxes or a mercantile tax like those in many of our neighboring communities.

Tax Bills

The annual Real Estate Tax Bill for the Wissahickon School District will be mailed around July 1st of each year. The annual Real Estate Tax Bill for Montgomery County and Whitpain Township will be mailed around March 1st of the year. Real estate taxes are based on the assessed value determined by the Montgomery County Board of Assessments. Appeals for reassessment must be made directly to the Montgomery County Board of Assessments.

Tax Collection

Melissa Wanczyk is the Township’s real estate tax collector. 

Please click here to be redirected to the real estate tax collector's website.