Posted on: February 15, 2018

Park and Recreation Zoning Discussed at Planning Commission Meeting

Zoning Map

Discussion on the Township’s Park and Recreation Zoning district continued at the Planning Commission meeting on February 13. The Planning Commission examined appropriate zoning designations for the 24 parcels of land in the Township that are zoned Park and Recreation.

Conversations on the topic began in December when the Township determined the Park and Recreation zoning classification to be substantially invalid after a review of the classification and the permitted uses under the zoning. The Supervisors took the action to protect properties zoned Park and Recreation from over-development. A landowner could have challenged the validity of the zoning classification and won relief in court.

At a meeting on January 16, the Board of Supervisors approved a resolution detailing why the present Park and Recreation classification was invalid and describing how the Board proposes to cure the invalidity.

Click here to view the draft ordinance presented at the Planning Commission Metering.

Click here for a question and answer on Township's action

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